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Dive Site El Encanto in María La GordaDive Site El Encanto in María La GordaDive Site El Encanto in María La Gorda

"El Encanto"

depth range: 100 feet

features: big tunnels from 18m to 25m, dive in sic-sac through the wall.

The site known as Encanto, is locasted just off the coast of María la Gorda, and comprises of a beautiful wall with lots of tunnels and caves. This is a popular site, and consequently can be busy and suffer from poor visibility as a result. The site is well worth a visit however, especially if you can go during a quieter period.

The wonderful diversity of marine plant and animal species creates a visual feast full of stunning colours, beatiful formations, and elegant patterns. Ranging from nudibranches to arrow crabs, the array of life forms at this site is wonderful, and barracuda and stingrays are regular visitors to the area.

Photography in the area is excellent as visibility can be as high as 30m+ on a good day, however this is greatly affected by the numbers of divers at the site, and the sea conditions. A wonderful dive for intermediate to advanced divers, with depths exceeding 30m, and an array of sights and sounds that will be highly memorable.

Nigel Alexander Hunt

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