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Maria La Gorda Dive Sites and Map Location

Maria La Gorda Diving Center has 50 sites of high level diving, some are still not named, all of them are less than 1 hour cruise, some at even 5 minutes away. Generally, the are all much more alike, many are suitable for wall diving, but each one has its particular charm. We suggest to you El Cabezon de Ludo, El Salon de Maria, El Almirante y Yemaya, and the second diving of the day Acuario, El Ancla de Francois and El Jardin de la Gorgonia.

The sea bottom on all Maria La Gorda dive sites has the most clear and colorful contrasts for the practice of sub aquatic photography since the transparency of the water allows a visibility of 30 m long up to 30m of depth.

The morphology of the sea bottom in Maria La Gorda is an enchanting picture with long extensions of white sand with funny patches and round reef formations. In some dive sites, the impressive walls of the platform have the mystery of millenary wrecks, ancient canyons, anchors, and sunken treasures, all this catches the attention of adventurous treasure hunters and scientists specialized in sub aquatic archeology.The main exponents of the fauna in this area are the typical inhabitants of the Caribbean Sea such as barracuda, groupers, lobsters, eels, angel fish, crabs, etc.

Dive Sites Map Location

Dive Sites Map Location in Maria La Gorda


  1. Paraíso Perdido
    "Lost Paradise"
  2. Jardín Sin Nombre
  3. Cuevas del Yuri
  4. Ballena Mobby Dick
  5. Ancla del Pirata
    "Pirate´s Anchor"
  6. Cabezo de Ludo
  7. La Cadena Misteriosa
  8. Encanto I
  9. Encanto II
  10. Acuario
  11. Las Cuevas de Bebo
  12. Las Tetas de María
    "Maria´s Breast"
  13. El Ancla de Francois
  14. El Salón de María
    "Maria´s Hall"
  15. La Gorgonia
  16. El Patio de Vanesa
  17. Jardín de la Gorgonia
    "Gorgonian Garden"
  1. El Almirante
    "The Admiral"
  2. Cabeza de Marcel
  3. Ancla de Masaya
  4. Laberinto
  5. El Milagro
  6. Valle del Coral
  7. La Cueva Misteriosa
  8. Yemayá
  9. El Faraón
  10. El Valle de las Esponjas
  11. El Paraguas de María
  12. El Balcón del Caribe
  13. La Piedra Blanca
  14. El Barco Hundido
  15. Ojo de Agua de Juan Claro
  16. El Valle de Viñales
  17. Las Arenas Tenebrosas
  18. Los Cañones Silenciosos
  19. Cabeza de Rosario
  20. Posa Redonda
  21. La Palmita
  22. La Posa de los Negritos

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